Welcome to the world of Polkan - a system for training horses and riders.

The Polkan system was developed by the head trainer of Mountain Horse Riding Stables Svoge - Antonia Parapanova, as a training system for horses and riders, based on the experience and knowledge of great horse and rider trainers such as Clinton Anderson, Ian Francis, Pat Parelli and others. It includes a series of steps and a structured easy-to-understand techniques based on the natural psychology of the horse, body language, behavior and dynamics in the herd, reactions and thought processes and many other factors that determine the horse's understanding of its environment and requirements. With the accumulated knowledge and tested in practice methods, any horse, regardless of age, gender or past, can become a good, faithful and happy partner for the man.

The Polkan System achieves high results, while all participants in the process are satisfied and receive good treatment. The deep knowledge underlying this system allows the trainer/rider to be a leader, to communicate with the animal in the right way, to convey messages and requirements, to learn and correct, to guide and build stable relationships. This makes both the horse a good, calm and happy partner and the person a confident and capable leader. There are no bad and untrainable horses. There is only insufficient knowledge and skills.


The Polkan System is divided into three main levels of training. The basic level is necessary for laying the foundations of a good partnership, in which the horse is a calm and good partner on which one can rely and the rider/trainer has the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to achieve and build the desired behavior in the horse. The advanced level includes combinations of exercises and techniques needed to maintain good habits, as well as their maximum enrichment and improvement. The additional level includes interesting exercises such as learning tricks, working with baby horses, working with young horses and others.

Three levels for a perfect partnership

The Polkan System is a structured method for successful training of horses and riders.

The system is divided into 3 levels in order to make it easier to follow the steps and achieve better results. The ultimate goal is to achieve a good partnership between man and horse.

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Basic level/The base

Everything you need as groundwork and exercises under saddle to achieve a solid foundation in your relationship with any horse. A necessity for those who want to achieve satisfactory results in the world of horses.

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Advanced level

When you have laid a solid foundation and want to raise your skills to a higher level, the time comes when you need more knowledge.

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Tricks/Professional level

For those who have gone from building the foundations to the advanced level and want to diversify their skills with interesting tricks, professional exercises and more.

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Application of the Polkan System

Training young horses

The right start to each horse's career is key to its success, as well as that of the rider.

Correcting bad habits

Every bad habit is the result of improper or untimely training. Any bad habit can be corrected.

Retraining of horses

Regardless of their age, breed or past, any horse can become a faithful partner to rely on.

Confidence and riding skills

When we understand the horse well and get the right advise, we gain confidence.

Training the trainers

Anyone who wants to achieve real success as a trainer should do so with a good and tested system.

Advanced training

Mountain riding, tricks or even free riding without reins and saddles can be the end result of a good training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the psychology of the horse, the importance of herd behavior, the place of the man in the hierarchy, building respect without fear and many others are at the heart of the Polkan System. The method is based on the ingenious training methods of specialists such as Clinton Anderson, Ian Francis, Pat Parelli and others, and has been tested in practice many times and for many years.

On our Youtube page or on the website of Svoge Mountain Horse Stables you can see examples of horses started with the Polkan System or undergoing portions of the training, horses with bad habits that manage to be corrected and other examples. You can also visit us on our physical premises at the Mountain Horse Riding Stables Svoge, where you can see the magic of the good training in person.

Although each horse is different and an exercise can take from a few days to a few weeks to be well learned, overall results with this training system come quickly and remain long-lasting.

To get real results with the Polkan System you need to understand and know all the intricacies of the individual training. Online video courses are currently available - Basic level and Advanced level. Apart from that, you can also get private lessons at the Mountain Horse Riding Stables Svoge.

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